Many people make mistakes because no one is perfect

In this world everybody is equal and we all matter

Some people can make mistakes but in the end they are unique

The point of this writing is that people make mistakes and that’s ok

At a time in life you will make a big mistake but that’s what makes you unique

Keep on being you because you are gonna make mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes but you can always fix them

Say it, you will make a mistake but you can always change them into something great










Smiles are Smiles

they make people happy

they are everywhere

so just smile

Smiles bring out the

bets in people

they comfort people

they need to be in this world

We smile

because we can

if you don’t smile

then you have a problem


So today I’m gonna be giving feedback on what Mr. Phillips says every morning.What he says every morning is inspiring,I think it gives a message to students that we are all equal.He want’s us to feel like we can do anything and we can.You shouldn’t treat someone different because of their race,skin color,or religion.You are unique in your own way and that’s what makes you special.


Slice of Life Challenge

So today I’m gonna be starting this new thing where I have to post a Slice of Life everyday in the month of March.It’s gonna be hard but I think I can do it.If you don’t know what a slice of life is it’s a piece of writing where you can write about anything in your life.It can be about something in the future or something in the past.


Just another blog post

So today I’m gonna be writing about curly hair.I love curly hair so much because when you look at it move it just goes up and down.I imagine it as my favorite food bouncing up and down.when curly hair is wet it’s wavy it’s like never straight unless you straighten your hair.


My top 5 Pet Peeves list

Pet Peeves List

1.When people keep tapping on me

2.When people keep dabbing

3.When people touch me with cheesy fingers

4.When people keep saying my name

5.When people pull my hair and think its funny

El Deafo

So I just finished this amazing book called El Deafo. It was amazing, it was about this girl named Cece and she is deaf and has to wear these ear pieces. This is the best book in the world and all of you should read it.

Word of the Year

2017 is here! This year my phrase is ¨Don´t let anybody dull your sparkle.¨ I picked this phrase because it speaks out to me. It means don´t let any one bring you down and I won´t . This will help my year in 2017 because I have to be happy and nobody can change that.


I  am still reading the same book, Sure Signs of Crazy. It’s bye Karen Harrington and the main character is Sarah Nelson. Nothing much has happened in the book, but during winter break I will read a lot. The Monday we come back I will tell you about  what has happened.

I Give Permission

I  give permission…

For people to be free

To  share their thoughts

And  keep on writing,

So think deeply

When you write you can

express yourself

through the whole world

also friends and family

So keep on writing

no matter what happens

throughout and all people

You have an imagination

so use it crazy

because that’s what it’s for

so think of life starting  by opening a door

You are awesome

so definitely express it

you are unique

In your own way